81 days ago

Has anyone else been cold called by Megatel?

Jenny from Claudelands

A pleasant women from megatel came to my door today, offering me a 24 month contract for broadband, electricity and landline. She was quietly determined that I invite her inside and show her my current provider's latest account. She told me that megatel is owned by Todd Corporation and is based in Auckland, and talked of their offer which was $20.00 less per month than I am paying for broadband, plus $5.00 for a landline. In addition, she quoted daily charges for power.
She asked for my email address and then proceeded to log in to my provider (taking details from my latest account) to ask the bot whether I had any long term contract with them on her phone. When I realised what she was doing, I asked for her phone and asked the questions myself. That may have been a mistake! She still has my info on her cellphone.
Having found I had no longterm contract of great value, she then filled in a copy of a megatel blank form with all my details, including my provider a/c details, and added details of the megatel promotion, added her cell no. and name and asked for my signature. Page is nothing fancy, or scary, and there is nothing on it that says it is a firm contract - not a 5 page terms and conditions type of 'contract'. She said I had 5 days to accept/change my mind.
So I signed it. Immediately she sent details to company and asked me to check I had received an email from them. I had, so she then left, having shown me on this email where to create a password to create an account when my decision had been made.
When I looked carefully at this email, it began 'Welcome to our new customer', or similar! Since I had clearly indicated to her that I had not made any decision, I was alarmed!
I checked their website. Yes, the company address is in Auckland. I looked through the website and it looks genuine.
Less than 1 hour later, I received a call from Auckland - from megatel, they said, asking me to give further details.
I am afraid the caller did not get far!! I told him I had not yet made a decision and did not believe I had signed any contract and that I was not yet a customer. We had a short conversation and it concluded with my request for my details to be removed from their customer list. I also advised my cold caller of my displeasure at the company's tactics and that I had cancelled.
I have no reason to believe this isn't a bona fide company, or to disbelieve any of this information I have been given - but I do not like their method of persuasion. I think it is underhand, and they have some of my personal information.
If anyone else has heard of this company, been cold called by them, or signed on with them, I would be pleased to have their comments here!

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9 days ago


Aaron from Chartwell

Does anyone have any large Milo or Baby Formula tins, preferably clean they are able to drop off to us in Queenswood River Road. Collecting for children's projects.

1 day ago

Battery hens desperately need new homes

Michelle from Hillcrest

Hi neighbours. Just read a message that some 2000 battery hens are due for the chop by Anzac weekend as the farm has suddenly closed.

If you can help with a new home for one or more (as pets only), please contact Sally Hart: franklinfarmsanctuary.co.nz...

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Eastern Pathways proposal for Five Cross Roads - CLOSE BROOKLYN ROAD

Sharon from Claudelands

Do you realise that one of the proposals for the Five Cross Roads redevelopment for safer biking/walking, bus use is to CLOSE OFF Brooklyn Road at 5 xrds end - this would mean all traffic is diverted to East Street/Pearsons Avenue/Daisy Street which is extremely undesirable. It is not too late to have your say. Attached are the proposals and feedback form - send to: glenda.dobbyn@aecom.com


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