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Poll: Are you happy that Hamilton's getting another Pak'nSave?

Libby Wilson Reporter from Hamilton Press

Plans for a Pak'nSave in Te Rapa have been given the go-ahead.

It will be near The Base and right opposite its competitior, Countdown.

Read more here. Are you happy that Hamilton's getting another Pak'nSave?

Are you happy that Hamilton's getting another Pak'nSave?
  • 62.5% Yes, it's about time the north got one.
    62.5% Complete
  • 10.8% No, I think two is enough.
    10.8% Complete
  • 7.5% A third is good but I think there's a better place for it. (Explain in comments)
    7.5% Complete
  • 19.2% I'm not too interested.
    19.2% Complete
120 votes
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1 day ago

Poll: EarthDiverse poll: NZ History

Todd Nachowitz from EarthDiverse

As an organization dedicated to cultural, linguistic, religious and natural diversity, we’re deeply intent on making our multicultural communities feel more at home in Aotearoa New Zealand. So here’s a quick question on the history of migration for you.
Q: When do you think the first Non-Māori Non-European first set foot on Aotearoan shores?

EarthDiverse poll: NZ History
  • 41.7% 1769
    41.7% Complete
  • 25% 1802
    25% Complete
  • 0% 1840
    0% Complete
  • 16.7% 1867
    16.7% Complete
  • 16.7% 1905
    16.7% Complete
12 votes
5 days ago

Water usage high in Hamilton!

The Team from Hamilton City Council

With our January outdoor water use up 30% on last year, Hamiltonians are urged to be mindful of their water usuage to avoid further water restrictions. Sprinkler monitors are now out and about and anyone who notices water being wasted is encouraged to report it.

21 hours ago

Keep safe this summer!

Ministry for Primary Industries

The summer months are the perfect time for entertaining friends and family, and whether it’s a dinner party or BBQ, good food will always be on the menu. But, did you know that half of all food poisoning occurs in the home? Follow the three simple Cs – clean, cook, chill to avoid getting ill this summer. We all want to keep our friends and families safe, so remember these easy steps while cooking.

Check out foodsafety.govt.nz/ccc for handy food safety tips.
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