35 days ago

Be wary of Telecom companies

Jenny from Hillcrest

Just to let you all know, I have been dealing with a particular telecom company. I signed up for a $95 plan last year and after the expiration of the plan, I have to pay $140. Initially, they provided the freebies but started charging for it without giving notice after the expiration date. When asked about the notification for what they are going to charge after expiration period, they said the bill of $140 is the notification and the responsibility lies with us, the consumers. They also require 30 days notice to cancel account which is included in the "hidden clause" and 3 working days to action a cancellation.

Then, the new package that they offer are more expensive than the one I signed up for. In another country, consumers would have been given the option to renew the same package and not pay double after the expiration period.

It was a disappointing encounter. Be wary of their tactics.

cheers, Jenny

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Help Kiwi schools get their own electric garden!

Spark Foundation

14 Carrots. 2 Pumpkins. 3 Basil plants. 8 Romain Lettuces. 1 class of problems solvers. The Electric Garden is a revolutionary learning tool mixing the art of growing food with computer programming and digital technologies.

Find out more about teaching digital technology through gardening or donate to help all kiwi schools access this programme here.
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Here when you need us

The Team from Ryman Healthcare Limited

Time spent in respite care can range from a single night to a few weeks. It provides a welcome break and peace of mind knowing that your loved one will receive round-the-clock care from friendly, experienced care teams.

May Kitchen knows how important it is to provide carers with a break. After visiting her husband Stuart in respite care at a Ryman village, she was tempted to move in herself! “If it was me, I think I would enjoy it because it’s just so beautiful and the food is good.”

Ryman villages provide warm and welcoming communities. Where residents can enjoy activities and outings while forming friendships along the way.
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Hamilton's new $10 million sorting centre

Matt Bowen Reporter from Waikato Times

Hi everyone,

Construction of a new $10 million recycling plant is under way to meet demand for the switch to an expanded kerbside recycling regime next year.

Hamilton City Council's rubbish and recycling contractor EnviroWaste Te Rapa facility that will be capable of sorting and compacting 8000 tonnes of material per year.

Are you looking forward to the kerbside switch? Do you have any concerns about it?

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