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Debi from Hamilton East

we have been a spark customer for over 2 years. since the start of the WRC in japan we noticed a spike in our data usage in the short space of 2 weeks. we have been on a 20GB plan and have seldom if ever been over 10GB but suddenly we started receiving emails telling us we have requested an upgrade to 60GB. we were then sent an email saying we had reached our 20GB quota and would be charged $10 for an extra 10GB. we have been on the phone to the Philippines all last week complaining about it but no one from spark has replied. attached is the snags we took of our usage over the long weekend while our modem was unplugged as was requested by spark. they still will not reply. how is it that we are being charged data download when our modem is unplugged and our computers are off? I suggest everyone who is with spark or skinny check their usage history.

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Poll: Does the Hamilton-Raglan highway need a major upgrade?

Matt Bowen Reporter from Waikato Times

Hi neighbours,

The weather's looking up this week, the perfect time to take a trip to Raglan and cool off. But things could get heated on the drive out as locals get increasingly agitated by motorists who are unfamiliar with the windy route.

Do you use SH23 much? Do you think it needs work? Or do attitudes need to change? Read more here

Does the Hamilton-Raglan highway need a major upgrade?
  • 66.7% Yes
    66.7% Complete
  • 30.4% No
    30.4% Complete
  • 2.9% Not sure
    2.9% Complete
69 votes
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Who is your favourite local business?

The team Reporter from Hamilton Press

We all have a favourite business - where the people are super friendly, the goods or services top notch, the deals great, or we appreciate the sponsorship they give to the town.

The most valuable contribution of small businesses, is the community spirit they foster. They set up shop where they see potential for their vision to flourish, and we want to celebrate that.

Tell us who your fave business is and why, and you could win a $50 Prezzy card just in time for Christmas! Comment below!

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Summer’s here! Be water smart

The Team from Smart Water

Water-saving tips to help you reduce your water use

- Water early morning or late evening to prevent 70% of water evaporating.
- Give your plants a good long soak twice a week rather than a short daily water. You will encourage deeper, healthier roots.
- Use a digital water timer with a rain sensor– it switches on only when needed.  

- Use a cover to prevent evaporation and keep the water warm
- Keep your pool clean, wipe your feet before you jump in.

Play your part. We value wai in the Waikato.

For more water saving tips visit www.smartwater.org.nz/tips
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