77 days ago

Single bed head board

Dinesh from Rototuna North

Pickup ASAP


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1 day ago

After e-scooters, its Loop now in city

Gurbir from Huntington

Council is giving you more transport options now to "alleviate city congestion"- car sharing Loop launched.. www.newsviews.co.nz...

3 days ago

Our kids can't escape advertising - What should be done?

The team Reporter from Hamilton Press

Our children are being exposed to an average of 46 ads for unhealthy products every day (27 junk food, 12 alcohol, and seven gambling).

These things are the leading causes of cancer, obesity, diabetes, mental illness and many social harms.

Should our Government be doing more to protect our children from this advertising? What should be done?

4 days ago

Councillor's faux park in disability spot

Libby Wilson Reporter from Hamilton Press

Hamilton City councillor Siggi Henry has come under fire for parking badly in a disabled parking spot at Hamilton Gardens.
Henry has since apologised and said she had "no excuse".
She hates being late and had been rushing to a citizenship ceremony, she said.
Henry is standing again in this council election, in the west ward.
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