49 days ago


Trudi Neighbourly Lead from Fairview Downs

Downsizing, make an offer if you see something that interests you. Need to be able to pick it up by Sunday 7th July.


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How great is Your Place?

The Team Reporter from Stuff

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18 hours ago

I’ll newspaper cuttings and recipe books from approx 1940s

Margaret from Fairview Downs

My husband has box of old recipe books and newspaper articles from around 1940. Does anyone know of any group that may be interested. Seems shame to trash this history. Free to good home,

3 hours ago

DIY Tool Library?

Neil from Newstead

I wonder if there is a DIY tool library anywhere in the vicinity where I might access / hire something like a Post Hole Borer??? Maybe there are ways local men's sheds could run such a service instead of people having to buy and accumulate?