66 days ago

fallen tree removal

Doug from Fairview Downs

I have a small bushy tree about 4-5M tall and the same around that fell over in my front yard. I made a start cleaning it up but I only have a small electric chainsaw and no trailer and rapidly realised I didn't really want to do this myself. If anyone wants to give me a price to remove it or even better if anyone wants to come and take away whatever might be useful as firewood let me know.

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2 hours ago

Does Hamilton need a $79.3m theatre?

Kendra Stone Reporter from Waikato Times

Hi neighbours - the theatre, set to be situated on Victoria Street, will be an "enabler for economic development", and will be shared with meeting rooms, a restaurant/cafe and five star hotel.

What do you think of this investment? Is it what Hamilton needs or should money be allocated elsewhere first? Read more here

2 days ago

I’ll newspaper cuttings and recipe books from approx 1940s

Margaret from Fairview Downs

My husband has box of old recipe books and newspaper articles from around 1940. Does anyone know of any group that may be interested. Seems shame to trash this history. Free to good home,

1 hour ago

Dish washer repair

Les from Saint Andrews

Blocked pump in dishwasher need some to give me a price to repair this