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Missing teeth?

The from Neighbourly Nz

Dentures can help you smile and eat again. Dentures are removable artificial teeth that look and feel natural. To get dentures, you need to:

- See your clinical denture technician for a consultation and impression.
- Have any remaining teeth extracted.
- Try on and adjust your dentures.
- Enjoy your new smile!

Contact The Denture Man today for quality, affordable, and personalized denture services. |Get the smile you deserve with dentures!
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2 days ago

What would The School of Life teach?

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

The National Party introduced their policy called 'teaching the basics brilliantly' last year regarding changing school curriculums. They are referring to reading, writing and maths.

However, some people believe school should actually be more practical, teaching kids to change tyres and balance their finances. Thinking about all the skills that have benefited you over the years, tell us what would be taught at your School of Life?

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6 days ago

What do you make of the latest rates rise proposal?

The Team Reporter from Hamilton Press

In the wake of a potential 25.5% rates shock, Hamilton city councillors have settled on their final pitch to the public: 19.9%.

On average, Hamiltonians would have to pay about $10.90 more towards rates every week. But the rate rises would keep coming, with the city projecting rises of 15.5% for the four years following.

Councillors were not happy about the “unfortunate” decision they had to make to keep the city running during Tuesday evening’s debate on the 2024-34 Long Term Plan, and some say the final number may change after public consultation in March-April.

1 day ago

What do you think of plans to cut more jobs at the city council?

The Team Reporter from Hamilton Press

The scale of a proposal to cut jobs at Hamilton City Council by 7% is not worth the “destruction it will cause”, says a councillor.

But one of the elected members behind the proposal has hit back, slamming some councillors for their “self-serving rhetoric” and “selective narrative“.