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Condensation Issues? Get Ventilation System

Sunil from Sustain Energy Solutions

Is it affordable to have a ventilation system at your place? So that your loved ones and you can breathe fresh air all around the year and stay away from asthma and other respiratory problems. Or if you are sick and tired of mould on your ceilings and windows that create health issues along with your maintenance expenses.

Call us on 0800 111 785 to get a free assessment and no-obligation quote for a ventilation system at an affordable range, which will look after you and your property all around the year.


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7 hours ago

Poll: Would you help your ex get back on the dating scene?

Libby Wilson Reporter from Hamilton Press

A Hamilton couple who split up after 21 years of marriage are helping each other get back into dating.

Read more here.

Would you help your ex find a new partner?

Would you help your ex get back on the dating scene?
  • 15.4% Yes, if the split was amicable.
    15.4% Complete
  • 42.3% No, I wouldn't be in the right headspace.
    42.3% Complete
  • 42.3% It depends on the circumstances.
    42.3% Complete
26 votes
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Join the Beaurepaires Club Today!

Anna Smith from Beaurepaires Hamilton Te Rapa

Hey Neighbours!

Want access to exclusive deals like this?

Join the Beaurepaires Club for free and not only will we update you on our promotions so you never miss a deal, but you’ll receive exclusive members only discounts, special Airpoints™ offers, monthly prize draws, Facebook competitions and more!

It couldn’t be easier join - just click READ MORE and visit the Beaurepaires Club page to join and view these deals. Your vehicle will thank you for it!

1 day ago

Walks before talks for new mayor

Matt Bowen Reporter from Waikato Times

Morning neighbours,

Hamilton's newly minted mayor Paula Southgate "didn't become mayor to overturn the apple cart and bring all my own unique projects to the table".

Instead, she's going to take a couple of days to unwind and plan before getting stuck in.

What do you think of the election results with a new mayor and councillors?