33 days ago

Volunteer Team Excellence Award winner!

Heather Moore from Volunteering Waikato

The winner of the Team Excellence Award, from the 2019 Volunteer Excellence Awards is the EPILEPSY WAIKATO CHARITABLE TRUST BOARD - nominated by the Epilepsy Waikato Charitable Trust

Many people have reaped the benefits of the board’s hard work. They have established a reputable organisation in eight years which is now the first port of call for those with the most challenging epilepsy related circumstances.

Well done team! Check out all results here: www.facebook.com...

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DIY cleansing and hydrating face mask

Health 2000 Te Awa (The Base)

Combine the cleansing nature of Lifestream Chlorella with the soothing, hydrating and nourishing properties of Lifestream Aloe Vera Gel for clear and radiant skin.


12 hours ago

Poll: Would you eat insects?

Libby Wilson Reporter from Hamilton Press

Grasshoppers, crickets, meal worms... reporter Ellen O'Dwyer sampled them all at AgResearch recently.
The research institute looked into what Kiwis think about eating insects with a survey of 1300 people.
Read more about what AgResearch found.
What's your attitude to eating insects?

Would you eat insects?
  • 10% Yes, I'd definitely give it a go.
    10% Complete
  • 10% Maybe. It depends which kind.
    10% Complete
  • 17.5% Only if they were fried, or ground down and added to food.
    17.5% Complete
  • 62.5% Yuck! I'd never touch them.
    62.5% Complete
40 votes