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5 hours ago

Needing urgent help

Tracie from Nawton

Hey neighbors, im looking for someone that could help trim alot of oversized plants. When i moved into our place the plants were just shrubs, they have been put in some areas so high you would need a ladder, the plants have grown past the brick wall and i cant get around the back to my clothes line as they have also grown outward and are touching my bedroom window. I would also need to find a way to dump the cuttings. Im a solo mum with a chronically ill child and have took on my baby nephew, so sadly money is tight. I also dont have any tools to do the graden. It be great if someone could help. I might be able to give something for it, or if you read this and your in the gardening feild, could you come do a quote as winz may help me. Thanks heaps :)

6 hours ago

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1 day ago

Train To Auckland ( well , Papakura )

Graeme from Frankton

I recall 3 or 4 months ago , Jamie Strange posting about how Labour ( and Enviroment Waikato I think ) were looking at putting on a daily train to Auckland . Read the smal print , and it was actrually to Papakura . Does anyone else rember it ? Can you remember the cost ? I had a strange idea it was going to take $6 million to fund it for 5 years ? I can't find the original post unfortunately .