131 days ago

Waikato DHB Nurses Strike

Andre Chivell from Waikato District Health Board

Waikato DHB NZNO nurses, healthcare assistants and some midwives will strike for 24 hours from 7am Thursday 12 July to 7am Friday 13 July Services will be severely affected during this time.

To reduce the number of patients in hospital and attending our clinics over the time leading up to and during the proposed industrial action we will be:
- Rescheduling appointments for surgery, treatments and outpatient clinics.
- Giving priority to emergency, critical care and maternity.
- Still providing some essential outpatient clinics such as cancer and dialysis treatments.
- Contacting all patients whose operations or clinic appointments are affected by the strike.

For patients remaining in the wards, these patients will receive higher level nursing cares only. Basic nursing duties will not be performed. We would really appreciate help from patients’ whānau and friends in the wards to provide support with washing, dressing and feeding.

Please save the hospital emergency department for emergencies only. If it’s not an emergency contact your GP, or go to an urgent care centre or call Healthline on 0800 611 116.

For further information around the strike please visit our website - www.waikatodhb.health.nz/strike Or if you have a query call toll-free 0800 276 216.
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4 hours ago

Needing urgent help

Tracie from Nawton

Hey neighbors, im looking for someone that could help trim alot of oversized plants. When i moved into our place the plants were just shrubs, they have been put in some areas so high you would need a ladder, the plants have grown past the brick wall and i cant get around the back to my clothes line as they have also grown outward and are touching my bedroom window. I would also need to find a way to dump the cuttings. Im a solo mum with a chronically ill child and have took on my baby nephew, so sadly money is tight. I also dont have any tools to do the graden. It be great if someone could help. I might be able to give something for it, or if you read this and your in the gardening feild, could you come do a quote as winz may help me. Thanks heaps :)

6 hours ago

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1 day ago

Train To Auckland ( well , Papakura )

Graeme from Frankton

I recall 3 or 4 months ago , Jamie Strange posting about how Labour ( and Enviroment Waikato I think ) were looking at putting on a daily train to Auckland . Read the smal print , and it was actrually to Papakura . Does anyone else rember it ? Can you remember the cost ? I had a strange idea it was going to take $6 million to fund it for 5 years ? I can't find the original post unfortunately .