35 days ago

Road safety

Jamie Neighbourly Lead from Chartwell

Hamilton City Council Transport Operations Team Leader Robyn Denton recently met with Hamilton City Councillor Mark Bunting and I to discuss traffic safety solutions for various part of our city.

Do you know of any areas that need attention?

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10 hours ago

Free fridge Freezer

Paula from Chartwell

Fridge gets ice build up on inside back wall so no longer Frost free. Freezer works fine.
Have just bought a new fridge so just want gone.
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1 day ago

Poll: Have you heard of the Live Stronger for Longer programme?

The Team from ACC New Zealand

We’re raising awareness of falls prevention for over 65s. Older people can worry about having a fall, so much so that their activity reduces and move less. Their strength decreases, affecting their balance and the risk of a fall increases. We want to know how many Neighbourly members who are over 65 have had a fall or fear falling?

We value our older people and want them to stay well and independent. We want them to Live Stronger for Longer. We’ll share more about why we’re asking next week.
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Have you heard of the Live Stronger for Longer programme?
  • 6.2% Yes, I'm over 65 and have heard of it
    6.2% Complete
  • 54.8% No, I'm over 65 and haven't heard of it
    54.8% Complete
  • 6.3% Yes, I'm under 65 and have heard of it
    6.3% Complete
  • 32.7% No, I'm under 65 and have heard of it
    32.7% Complete
810 votes
1 day ago

We can help employers as well as employees

Sacha Green from Citizens Advice Bureau New Zealand

Remember, every employee must have a written employment agreement. If you’re an employer and you want to make sure you’re doing right by your workers, and are meeting your legal obligations, visit your local CAB, call us on 0800 367 222 (0800 FOR CAB), or check out our website, www.cab.org.nz.