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2 hours ago

WIN: A Resene makeover

Jo Haywood Reporter from Homed

Hey neighbours, everyone's had a part to play in the fight against Covid-19, but here's a chance to say thanks to someone you know who kept working for the benefit of the rest of us - nurses, doctors, pharmacists, teachers, supermarket employees and many, many more.

We're giving away three prizes with Resene, each worth more than $500, including a Resene colour consultation, a $350 Resene voucher and the latest Resene fan decks.

So if you know an essential worker who would love one of these prize packs, click here to nominate them.

14 hours ago


Madeleine from Palmerston North Central

My name is Maddie and I’m the owner of Stressed Out Scents, you can catch us on Instagram and Facebook! A page that actively advocates for all things mental health within New Zealand. It would be awesome if you’d check out our page!

17 hours ago

Does anyone have apples?

Caroline from Feilding

Does anyone have too many apples on their tree? No problem if they aren't perfect as would like them for my ponies and goats