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1 day ago

Let's defend ourselves together....

Martin from Ashhurst - Pohangina

The Labour party and their friends are now being hammered because they are not doing what the general public would like them to to do. Jacinda is now facing a problem that has never been faced before - a war on our own territory - and the poor lady just has no records to fall back on. Back in the 1940's when the UK was under threat, Parliament was dissolved and a co-alition was set in place. This gave us some very severe measures - rationing of many food items for instance - and people were requested, nay - forced to grow their own vegetables, have chooks in their backyards, trading amongst neighbours, local councils let out allotments for anyone to grow more vegetables. You just don't know how bad it could get - it least we are not putting up with air raids and bombing.
Give Jacinda a break, she's doing the best that she can, she doesn't need all the hindrance she's getting from the anti-vaxxers and the nay-sayers.

3 hours ago

Work for cash

Aaron from Halcombe

I have work for keen, hardworking people to pick up and stack small hay bales.
Cash paid, you will need to be fit and determined to get the job done, could be hot and maybe dusty
If you are interested call or txt me now on 0275 640042 first in first served

21 hours ago


Gary from Waikanae

Great Community Market with stallholders showcasing a huge variety of quality items and Gifts. Escape the house and peruse the various treasures . Covid-19 protocols will be in place.
  • Waikanae Beach Community Hall