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6 hours ago

Media Manipulation & Freedom of speech

Gordon from Kelvin Grove

Seem it was Anti Bullying week last week I feel that this whole year has been a twisted nightmare of twisted lies & deception & the mass media Bullying our own people but not just here but around the world they seem pushing an agenda of Fear & Panic. Even in our elections they just trash talked anyone that would have a apposing view in the election process either for good or bad.
But in a court of law there is always two sides to the story & you can't make a decision without first looking heavily into the facts.
Covid 19 is a perfect example Censoring FACTS But WHY?
What is it that they are trying to Hide?
This virus is REAL BUT....
Look if this virus is really as bad as they say it is then people would be dropping like flies all around us But I'm just not seeing this!

There are now so many Doctors coming out now speaking out about the over reach of government's lockdowns & measures but they just get censored FACT!
Some of these Doctors are frontline Doctors working with covid 19 patient's. One such frontline doctor one of many really said this & I quote... "Hello America I'm doctor James Tedaro 3 months ago I talked to you about big tech censorship and how Google was taking down scientific article's & how YouTube and Facebook were censoring evidence base medicine, But I'm not here to talk to you about censorship of the present but about the deleting & rewriting of history unbeknownst to many. News organizations are deleting news articles from the past that no longer fits the narrative of today. "The narrative of Fear, Panic & Lockdowns. Case in point earlier this week I Tweeted out a Forbes article the Forbes article called "Why the World Health Organization faked a Pandemic" It was a scathing review of the WHOs overexaggerated response to the swine flu 10 years ago, It's a 10 year old article, "I Tweeted that out based on the Content from that article the covid 19 pandemic would be considered one of the most Mildest pandemics of the the last century, about 12 hours after I Tweeted out the that article Forbes deleted it from their data base! Not Twitter taking it down But Forbes actually deleted their own story from 10 years ago overnight when I drew attention to it and that's going on unnoticed continually .
These News organizations are deleting history, Now this should Scare you! We need to rise up against censorship of the present But also hold News organizations accountable of their pass! Thank You. end quote.
Very Interesting article I thought and I have many more Your Thoughts?

15 hours ago

With better grades comes higher self-esteem

NumberWorks'nWords Palmerston North

With better grades comes higher self-esteem. Tutoring helps increase your child’s motivation and attitude so they are able to reach their full academic potential.

17 hours ago

Mould removal - Roman blinds

Robert Anderson from Curtain Clean Palmerston North

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