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Advanced Hormone Testing

Storm from Functional Naturopathy

Hey Neighbor's I am your local Naturopath & Medical Herbalist with a special focus on Women's health and wellness.
I thought I would pop in and talk you about the advanced hormone testing I offer in my clinic.

I see women everyday who say to me "I AM SICK OF THE TESTS NOT SHOWING ANYTHING 🤷‍♀️ But, I still have all the signs and symptoms of hormone imbalance"

If this is you - it's simply because you haven't had the RIGHT tests done!

The standard blood test 💉is a great first step but it still can't give you the whole picture when it comes to your hormone health.

This is where advanced hormone testing comes in; the DUTCH Test (Dried Urine Comprehensive Testing)

So, what are the difference's between getting a blood test or the advanced dried urine test?

🩸Blood - one blood sample taken mid-cycle
🔬DUTCH - urine samples collected 4-5x mid-cycle, options for full month tracking to monitor your hormones throughout your entire cycle

🩸Blood - tests for estradiol, or total estrogen
🔬DUTCH - tests for all three estrogens; estradiol, estrone & estriol, total estrogen AND estrogen metabolites; 2-OH, 4-Oh and 16-OH, AND their detoxification through two methylation markers.

🩸Blood - tests for progesterone
🔬DUTCH - tests for alpha & beta progesterone

🩸Blood - tests for testosterone
🔬DUTCH - tests for DHEA, testosterone, Etiocholanolone, androsterone AND detoxification pathways of 5a & 5B reductase.

🩸Blood - tests for cortisol once in day
🔬DUTCH - tests for 24 hour free cortisol, 24 hour free cortisone, waking, morning, afternoon & evening values of cortisol & a-THF, b-THF, B-THE & DHEA-S

If blood labs ranges aren't giving you answers, come in - let's get you tested and find out what is really happening in the body 👩‍⚕️


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