41 days ago

Wanted - tenor or concert ukulele

Deborah from Milson

Hi there, I'm wanting to buy a pre-loved tenor or concert ukulele in reasonable condition. Does anyone have one spare or languishing in a cupboard they no longer need? Thanks, Deborah :)

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1 day ago

Wheelie bin

Quinton from Milson

Hi All,

Just saw this ad in the paper, phoned my existing provider and they matched it.
Pays to check these things!

14 hours ago

HELP!! Registered Brick layer needed next week. Small job

Leah from Feilding

Hello all.
Im looking for a registered brick layer to refit cleaned bricks back into existing veneer.
We are doing alterations and have changed the windows and door opening sizes.
We've just found out that the bricks need to be in place to pass a preline inspection.
The inspection is on Thursday the 31st of Oct. The new windows and door will be installed over the weekend.
If you are keen or know anybody that may be suitable for the job please text me on 0212207970

2 hours ago

Rebus Puzzles

NumberWorks'nWords Palmerston North

How many of these puzzles can you solve?