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Drive-in Movies at Manfeild

The Team from Manfeild Park Trust

The drive-in movies are coming to a close for the season at Manfeild. The Breakfast Club is playing on Friday. Footloose is playing on Saturday. Gates open at 5.45pm. Movie starts at 7.45pm. More details on poster.

More messages from your neighbours
6 days ago


Caroline from Feilding

Dear Neighbors. As we start our new normal for the next few weeks I wish you all the best.

For those that are following my story I would like to publicly share the latest bullying move from the Manawatu Council.

A supporter of mine, who wrote to try an offer an olive branch to MDC received a response from Michael Ford that they see the issue differently.

Which issue is this?
That a recycling center - a commercial activity was placed on my fence with no resource consents.
That it affected my mental health so badly they had to move the glass (wrote that they would move the lot).
That Building inspector Tony Kellerman jumped over my locked gate went all around my property opening doors and inside a building where I have my personal belongings. This was unlawful according to Building Act S226. When inspecting a home unit, this includes land and group of buildings, the inspector must show his identification and have permission from the home owner or a court order. He had neither.
I was then issued a Notice to Fix (unattainable conditions so basically an eviction notice)

19th of March I wrote to Mayor Helen Worboys and Michael Ford requesting their view of the issue. I received no response from either person.

I did though receive a letter dated 19th of March (the same day) regarding my swimming pool. This is FOUR MONTHS after Tony Kellerman inspected my property, even mentioning the pool. As my pool is over 1.2m high it does not need a fence, the pool ladder was up and there was nothing around the edge to get up on. We are going into winter - swimming time is over!

To receive this letter now, at this time of uncertainty, shows the level of bullying and abuse of power of MDC. While they are not held accountable for their actions, they have plenty of ratepayer $$ to spend on $500 an hour lawyers to try and make me homeless. All I can do is publicly share the ongoing bullying of MDC.

Thank you dear Neighbors for your ongoing support.

1 day ago

Our sweet pea seeds send out, April issue and Get Growing

Mei Leng Wong Reporter from NZ Gardener & Get Growing

Dear neighbours and NZ Gardener family,

Our April issue should be with our subscribers now and available in supermarkets and service stations (having been distributed prior to the lockdown restrictions). Whether or not it's on the stands yet is a bit patchy ... but then the incredibly brave and hard-working supermarket staff have quite a bit on their plate right now so I understand if there is a delay! Please, please, please everyone ... don't go out to buy it! Normally of course we love you buying NZ Gardener but right now it's far more important that you stay home and stay safe. (You can buy a copy with your online shopping though! That's safe and I think we are all in the market for something uplifting to read right now).

In this issue we offered to send out sweet pea seeds to any reader who sent us a SSAE. Just to reassure you, we will still send out sweet pea seeds to any reader who is keen to participate. We are just not quite sure when! Ignore the dates in the magazine of when you needed to send the envelope in by - that has been indefinitely extended. But we cannot wait to send you the seed and for those flowers to bloom as by then we will be well through this or even have it behind us. And keep letting us know what you are sowing and growing, send in pictures of your harvest, your flowers or what you are sharing.

We always love hearing from NZ Gardener readers but now when we are all staying apart that connection means more than you can imagine. Stay home, stay safe and stay in touch everyone. For the most updated gardening advice, subscribe to our digital e-zine Get Growing, which will be delivered to your inbox completely free.

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Growing an edible garden

Julia Wallace Retirement Village

Now is a great time to focus on your garden. Whether you have a large garden or a small balcony, growing vegetables is a great way to keep busy and enjoy the fruits (or vegetables) of your labour.