821 days ago

Stray Cats

Jenny Doyle from Alley Cat Brigade

Manawatu Alley Cat Trust
Hello , Just wondering if anybody out there wants to get rid of their old kennel or something of that nature ..would have to be dry/water proof and warm away. Some cats that we vet check/desex to go back to where they come from ensuring a continued feeder is in place, .. they don't necessarily have anywhere nice to sleep and keep warm and dry over the winter mths. For instance 2 or 3 young cats out of 5 are returning to a house where the lady is willing to feed and look out for them.(they part wild and live under the house). , so I would feel better returning them if they did have alternative more comfortable accomodation on the property.
We would appreciate it very much if any could be put to use in this way.
Many thanks if anybody could help.

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The Best In Aged Care

Ranfurly Residential Care Centre

At Ranfurly Residential Care Centre, we pride ourselves on delivering care in a safe, supportive and caring environment.

Resthome, Hospital, Palliative and Dementia level care is what we specialise in.

Our loving, caring environment is complimented with expert staff, spacious rooms, private adjoining toilets and beautiful lounge and courtyards areas.

We have an internal one bedroom and two bedroom care Apartments. We can support Hospital, Resthome, and Palliative level care in these apartments.

For more information on care options or to view, call the Manager Darren McKean who will arrange one of the friendly team to discuss your needs and show you around. Contact 06 – 3235050.
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15 days ago

Parking Ticket

Debra from Milson

Today I got a Parking ticket from (Wilson parking) which is unusual for me. More unusual is that I got it for not putting up my Mobility Card when in a Mobility Park at Countdown Ranagitiki Supermarket. Yes I do have a Card and the mobility issue that says I can use these parks and am sure that as usual I put it up when I left my car. Strangely until today was unaware that Wilson Parking was monitoring these parks. How do I prove that it was up when they say it wasn't and I didn't find the ticket till I got home? For others, first off be aware someone is watching (Wilson staff) and you may get a ticket if you park in Supermarket Carpark Parks for obviously a variety of reasons.

14 hours ago

It is that time of year!

NumberWorks'nWords Palmerston North

We hope at this time of year you are getting close to having a break and a well deserved holiday.