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Stray Cats

Jenny Doyle from Alley Cat Brigade

Manawatu Alley Cat Trust
Hello , Just wondering if anybody out there wants to get rid of their old kennel or something of that nature ..would have to be dry/water proof and warm away. Some cats that we vet check/desex to go back to where they come from ensuring a continued feeder is in place, .. they don't necessarily have anywhere nice to sleep and keep warm and dry over the winter mths. For instance 2 or 3 young cats out of 5 are returning to a house where the lady is willing to feed and look out for them.(they part wild and live under the house). , so I would feel better returning them if they did have alternative more comfortable accomodation on the property.
We would appreciate it very much if any could be put to use in this way.
Many thanks if anybody could help.

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The Team Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

A coronavirus has spread from China across Asia, and has now reached the US. It is yet to reach New Zealand.

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For the Ministry of Health's advice on the outbreak, click here.

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Are lunch breaks becoming a luxury?

Paul Mitchell Reporter from Manawatū Standard

Hey Neighbours,
As workplaces seems to get busier and harder to leave behind thanks to smartphones and email, more people are giving up or missing out on a lunch break. Common lunch breaks are all but history, and 4/10 Kiwi workers always or often skip it altogether.
Do you manage to find time for lunch? If so, what are your favourite lunch spots?