54 days ago

Zero consequences for breaking COVID-19 lockdown rules ?

Sam Neighbourly Lead from Matakatia - Tindalls Beach

Drive 51km/h on a 50km/h road and you get fined $30.

Head to the gym when you've got COVID-19, don't self isolate when you're being tested or sick, risk the country's economy, peoples jobs, and possibly infecting and killing many others in a pandemic, and you get a slap on the wrist (actually no as physical violence is illegal, thus you get a free pass).

This also applies to the 30+ boats / catamarans / yachts & kayakers I keep seeing heading out and into Gulf Harbour marina on a Level 3 lockdown.

What's stopping you or I from ignoring the rules if we're sick or suspecting to be sick, and go out to have fun or do what we do, if there are no consequences at all? Lockdowns are NOT a deterrent for those who negligently break the rules. Or can we start using this excuse when we drive intoxicated?

If the PM will not answer the question (when she very well should), then maybe the Chief of Police should go live on TV and give us a proper answer as to what consequences, if any, there are for those who break a rule far serious than a 1km/h over-speed.

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4 hours ago

2-4 year old Toddler Girl Winter Clothes

Nency from Torbay - Long Bay

Anyone giving away? I mostly need jumpers from 2.5-4year old girl. Thankyou :)

15 days ago

Semi Retired Driving Instructor Available $40 per hour

Steve from Albany

For more info call or text Steve on Ph: 027 3430869.

I established and owned a well known driving school in Auckland. As a neighbourly gesture, I can take anyone for a one hour lesson in their own car for $40 per hour.

N.B - You must use your own car for the lesson.

Please feel free to ask any questions. During driving lessons we will do 1: Driver observation and signalling at roundabouts 2: Lane changing procedures 3: Forward Parking 4: Three-point turns 5: Reverse Parallel Parking Procedures 6 : Flush Median Procedures 7: Gap Selection 8: 50 kph - 60kph zones and motorway driving etc.

Call or text Steve anytime on Ph: 027 3430869

10 hours ago

Tree trimming

Sheryl from Manly

Does anyone know of a reliable company that does tree trimming? Trees are in a planter box need trimming on both sides of fence and removal. Thanks Sheryl