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Workplace bullying - what is it ?

The Team from Citizens Advice Christchurch Area

We are working with CultureSafe Christchurch to help get information out about Workplace bullying . We will be doing a series of posts on this topic. Starting with - what is workplace bullying ?
Workplace bullying is repeated and unreasonable behaviour directed towards a worker or a group of workers that can cause physical or mental harm. Bullying can be physical, verbal, psychological or social. This may include victimising, humiliating, intimidating or threatening a person.
A single or occasional incident of insensitive or rude behaviour towards another person isn’t considered workplace bullying, but it could become more serious and shouldn’t be ignored.
Bullying can happen not just between managers and staff, but also among co-workers, contractors, customers, clients or visitors.
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31 minutes ago

Lawn mowers

Shaun from Burnside

Hello again everyone I am back on the hunt for your old lawnmowers gathering dust in the shed running or not running save yourself the hassle of taking it to the dump I will pick up anywhere. If you have the old reel type mowers I wont be able to pick them up as I only have my car but any push petrol type would be great please. If you have anything I can help with please message me directly. Have a great day

5 hours ago

We Say/You Say: MMP

Thomas Campbell Reporter from Northern Outlook

Hi Canterbury,

Would you support the introduction of MMP to local body elections?

A former Labour minister has called on the government to implement MMP as the voting system for local body elections in a bid to 'fix' local government.

Peter Neilson, an economist, is a former Labour MP for Miramar, a Minister of Revenue, Works and Associate Minister of Finance. Neilson explains how MMP could have a positive impact on civic participation after data from Internal Affairs showed a decline in voter turnout.

Around four out of 10 New Zealanders on the electoral role turned out to vote in the last set of local elections. In comparison, around seven or eight out 10 voted in the general election last year.

Share your thoughts below and don't forget to type NFP if you don't want your comment featured in the Northern Outlook.

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Collection Point at the Halswell Community Hub

Keri Glassenbury from Halswell Community Project

The Halswell Community Hub is now a collection point for:
The Blanket Bank - donations of clean/tidy blankets/bedding
Wine bottle tops and Can tabs - Collecting on behalf of the Halswell Lions for Kidney Kids
Bread tags - collecting for Wheelchairs in Africa
Please drop off donations to 381 Halswell Road,