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Tamariki Talks - Fun Challenges

The Team from Graeme Dingle Foundation Canterbury

It's the last day of Term 1 for tamariki and rangatahi across Aotearoa before the school holidays begin! Take a look at our Tamariki Talks page for fun challenges to entertain the kids these school holidays.

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1 day ago

Environment named top concern for Christchurch's future

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

Green, safe, affordable, and sustainable, with meaningful jobs and a city which is easy to get around.

That’s what the residents of greater Christchurch say they want from their city in 2050, according to a new survey of about 4000 people.

While residents commented on topics ranging from traffic and housing to leadership and economic growth, the desire to protect the environment emerged strongly as the number one wish.

Read more here and tell us what you want most for Christchurch in the comments below.

12 hours ago

We Say/You Say: MMP

Thomas Campbell Reporter from Northern Outlook

Hi Canterbury,

Would you support the introduction of MMP to local body elections?

A former Labour minister has called on the government to implement MMP as the voting system for local body elections in a bid to 'fix' local government.

Peter Neilson, an economist, is a former Labour MP for Miramar, a Minister of Revenue, Works and Associate Minister of Finance. Neilson explains how MMP could have a positive impact on civic participation after data from Internal Affairs showed a decline in voter turnout.

Around four out of 10 New Zealanders on the electoral role turned out to vote in the last set of local elections. In comparison, around seven or eight out 10 voted in the general election last year.

Share your thoughts below and don't forget to type NFP if you don't want your comment featured in the Northern Outlook.

9 hours ago

International awards and new bar for Christchurch spirit makers

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

It started with four mates sitting around having a drink, bouncing ideas off one another.

The Spirits Workshop brands Curiosity Gin and Divergence Whisky are the joint brain-children of four former dairy industry workers, Rod Quinn​, Bernard May​, Sam Toucek​ and Antony Michalik​.

The quartet quit their various management roles at Westland Milk Products in 2016 and took a leap of faith by buying a whisky distillery, with the hope of running their own consumer-led business where they saw a potential gap in the market.

Early gin-making success has allowed both brands to expand, particularly in the past year, with the opening of the Curiosity Gin cocktail bar in Christchurch’s most popular hospitality space, Riverside Market, in November.

The bar offers specially-infused cocktails with five varieties of gin and three kinds of whisky, with various tasting notes and flight cards.

Are you a fan of whisky or gin?

Read more by clicking the link below.