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Poll: Covid-19: Do you think taxi, truck and bus drivers should be next in line for the vaccine?

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

Hi neighbours,

The transport industry is pushing for its drivers to be next in line for Covid-19 vaccinations after frontline health staff.

Unions and industry groups argue that taxi, truck and bus drivers face greater risk of exposure and should be a high priority in terms of getting a jab.

What do you think?

Covid-19: Do you think taxi, truck and bus drivers should be next in line for the vaccine?
  • 57.3% Yes - they should be next
    57.3% Complete
  • 32.3% No - there are higher priorities
    32.3% Complete
  • 10.5% I'm undecided
    10.5% Complete
248 votes
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Mike Yardley: How can so many New Zealanders still smoke?

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

The proposed Smokefree 2025 Action Plan includes significantly reducing the number of retailers able to sell tobacco, limiting the nicotine content of cigarettes, and raising the age of purchase every year, so that anyone born after 2004 could never lawfully be sold tobacco.

Columnist Mike Yardley says most lower-income earners who smoke shell out more money in tobacco excise than they do in income tax.

"They should be vigorously urged to switch to vaping as a smoking cessation alternative, given it’s not just far less hazardous to their health, but also to their back pocket," he says.

What do you think of the proposed Smokefree 2025 reforms? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Seeking GrandFriends in the Canterbury Region - is this you?

Jo Hayes from GrandFriends NZ - West Coast | Canterbury Region

We are looking for awesome individuals or couples who would like to support a local family and act as a "GrandFriend". We have a waiting list of families in your area who would love nothing more than to connect with you.

GrandFriends is a little charity that combats big issues like isolation and loneliness.

We are the bridge that brings kiwis together from across the generations. By connecting families with GrandFriends, we provide a long lasting “people” solution to loneliness.

Using our years of experience we match like-minded GrandFriends, extending their support networks, so they can enjoy the special moments, share the load - all the while combating loneliness.

You are welcome to apply as an individual - or if you wish to apply with your partner (husband/wife/significant other) as something that you can volunteer with together - that is also very much welcome and encouraged.

To get involved please click the link below to join us today.

6 hours ago