15 days ago

NEW BRIGHTON 'shovel ready projects'

John from Woolston

I note the council has put forward to Govt. for funding a BUTTERFLY HOUSE and a NATIVE BIRD ENCLOSURE/SANCTUARY in New Brighton. This has been approved and will be going ahead. - apparently, so I wonder what others think of these projects - are they a good priority? I would have thought before they attempt to attract more people to the suburb they would have got the town centre sorted out. As for a Native bird enclosure/sanctuary - why? The RED ZONE is going to be developed SOMETIME and planted with native vegetation which of course will become a natural bird, invertebrate, butterfly, and insect habitat.
I believe there are much greater priorities which should take preference.

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1 day ago

Sum up the September 4 Canterbury quake anniversary in a single word

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

What word do you associate most with the September 4 earthquake in Canterbury?

As part of Stuff's upcoming coverage of the 10th anniversary of the quake, we want to hear your memories of the day life changed dramatically for so many.

We're collecting your submissions to create a word cloud to be published on the 10th anniversary.

It may be a word that describes how your life or your community has changed, or one that takes you back to that very moment the earth shook on the morning of September 4, 2010.

To share the word you believe best sums up the 10 years since the quake, click here or email stuffnation@stuff.co.nz

3 days ago

Throwback Thursday

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

Traffic at the intersection of High, Lichfield and Manchester streets
circa 1962.

The Majestic Theatre is on the right and the Canterbury Building Society building in the centre, on the corner of High and Manchester streets.

5 days ago

Bin stickers

The Team from Christchurch City Council

Want a sticker to pop on the lids of your three bins so you can double check what goes in each?

Head down to any of our libraries or service centres and our friendly team will be able to give you a set!