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2 days ago

Election 2020: Christchurch a sea of red as voters back Labour

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

Greater Christchurch has overwhelmingly voted red – giving Labour all but two of its electorate seats and the majority of the party vote.

Labour supporters at the party's election event in Christchurch on Saturday night were barely able to keep a lid on their excitement and glee at National’s astonishingly poor performance in the city – and their knives came out for their parliamentary colleagues in Blue.

“At last, Christchurch has woken up,” said Duncan Webb, Christchurch Central’s incumbent.

“It’s been a long campaign, exhausting, but the reward you get for that, it’s amazing.

6 hours ago

Sharing Success

Principal Immigration Adviser from Zealand Immigration

Thanks Alisha George for these lovely words of appreciation. It was a pleasure assisting you in your application 🙂

"Thank you so much for helping me out to get my work visa. You are really amazing and supportive all the time.
Special Thanks to Gaurav Soni and other advisers.
Always the best Team !"

6 hours ago

Road closures for Christchurch’s new stadium create gridlock rush-hour traffic

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

The Christchurch City Council has closed Cashel and Lichfield streets between Madras and Barbadoes streets so lights, power and internet cables, and underground service pipes can be removed or rerouted before early work on the city's long-awaited $473 million multi-use arena begins.

The right-hand lanes of Barbadoes and Madras streets have also been closed temporarily, between Tuam and Hereford streets, with no word yet on when they will reopen.

Council vertical capital delivery manager Alistair Pearson said drivers regularly using Cashel and Lichfield streets will need to travel down either Tuam or Hereford streets, and those closed stretches were unlikely to ever reopen. Read more here.