212 days ago

Speed Dating Fundraiser - Catnap Cafe for Cat Rescue Christchurch

Bronwyn Reader from Cat Rescue Christchurch

We have a Speed Dating fundraiser being put on by Catnap Cafe in Columbo Street as a fundraiser for Cat Rescue Christchurch.

See photo's for details or go onto facebook and look at the event under the Catnap Cafe page.

We need you all to get your diaries out and become match makers for all of your single family and friends and persuade them to come along to a singles night at catnap cafe. You just have to be an animal lover not just a cat lover.

We need more men in the 40-50 group. Room for 8 and we have 3 woman booked and only one man so far. We need to get the numbers matched at the very least or to help Cat Rescue, fully booked.

In the 30-40 age group we have 2 men to 6 woman booked so come on guys. Give those woman a chance to get to know you.

In the 20-30 age group we have 3 men to 1 woman booked so need to up the anty with getting more woman involved.

Even is 2 weeks away so lets get those persuasion skills working and see if we can find some match's.

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1 day ago

Council replaced my front lawn - whose responsibility?

Jimmy from Woolston

Hi all, some of you may have had your front lawns replaced with gardens as part of a council initiative along with the bike lanes. I dont usually have time to manage this but given the current circumstances i could look at this now. doing my front and back garden is already a lot normally. I understand it was my responsibility to mow my front patch of lawn, but will the council send people out to manage these gardens? A passerby (standing 2 metres away of course) advised that the council manages this, although i have never seen them.




5 hours ago

Tell us the story behind your bear

Anna Williams Reporter from The Press

We're going on a bear hunt! People across the country are popping bears in their windows. But what's the story behind the fuzzy faces? Tell us about your bear - what's their name, where did you get it, how far have they travelled? Post a photo and tell us their story! You can also email maddison.northcott@stuff.co.nz if you've seen any bears in Christchurch you think we should cover. (Please mark any posts you don't want to see published NFP).

2 days ago


Graham from Spreydon

Hey people. If you are anything like me & attempt to recycle as much as possible, because of the virus the recycling depot isn't having people on the sorting belts so all our recycling is going straight to Kate Valley & into the ground. Please if you can hold onto your yellow bin recycling material until the end of the lock-down. Maybe to make space in your bin, sort the bottles out & put them aside, squash all your plastic bottles, do whatever it takes to make space so you don't have to put your bin out until this is over.