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Postnatal Depression Canterbury

Erin Manning from PND Canterbury

PND Canterbury provides community based support for the 1 in 4 mothers and the 1 in 10 fathers affected by perinatal mental illness. We are funded entirely by grants and donations and rely on volunteers to do all our administration and help our one paid facilitator (20hrs/wk) run the support and play groups.

We currently have groups running for Mums, for Dads and a playgroup for parents with postnatal depression and anxiety. We are getting more and more referrals for people with antenatal anxiety and would love to set up a support group specifically for them.

As we are limited by the venue availability we have a waiting list and could right now be running at least 2 more groups for mothers with PND and an antenatal support group.

We are hoping to lease a venue so we can hold more weekly support groups, including an art therapy mindfulness session, and provide a drop in service. We would also be able to hold educational sessions for families and medical professionals on how to spot and treat perinatal mental health illness.

The current funded support programmes in Canterbury only take mothers with children under 1 and only the sickest of mothers. There are long waiting lists and PND is often not diagnosed until the child is nearly one, meaning mothers miss out on any support. There are no support groups for pregnant women and their partners. PND Canterbury provides support for parents with children up to 5 years old.

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Do you remember the big snow of 1992?

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

Hey Cantabs,

It was quickly dubbed “the big snow” and was the heaviest snowfall in three decades.

“Christchurch teetered on the brink of disaster yesterday as the worst snowstorm in 30 years first paralysed the city, then caused widespread flooding,” The Press reported on August 29, 1992.

Do you remember the big snow?

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road map of Nelson

Robert and Faye from Hillmorton

Hello every one
can some one tell us where we can get a street map
of Nelson
that would be good thanks

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Are you curious but cautious about protecting your future?

Advisor from Kyle McElwain - Resure Insurance Advisers

To be honest, most people are. When we consider purchasing insurance products to protect our futures such as life, disability or health products, most people want to understand what is available, don't know where to start and how much would it will cost.

What holds peoples curiosity back though? There are many reasons which may include thinking they don't need protection, they are going to be "locked" into buying a product by making an enquiry, think they can't afford it or it all just becomes too hard and consuming that they give up.

Get in contact with me today (027 819 7713 or kyle.mcelwain@resure.co.nz) to learn how you can satisfy your curiosity on personal risk insurance while learning why you may need cover, understand the purchasing journey and let me do the work for you.