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self isolation and a PET WARNING

Alison (elle) from Broomfield - Hei Hei

It's good to see people adhering to the rules regarding self isolation, but a heads up to all dog owners when walking you dog. Don't forget your dog is also at risk from contact with other dogs or people, the virus can stick to their fur where it can stay viable for up to three days, transfer to humans and so infect it's owners. You can minimise this risk by keeping your dog away from other dogs, people and droppings, if other dogs are running free in the reserve or park, leash your dog until you are well away and it is safe to let them off. Don't allow people to pat your dog (or cat) and don't touch other people's pets. Pick up your dog poo to protect others and avoid other dog's poo. If you think your dog has been exposed bath him/her in soapy water when you get home and shower yourself and put your clothes in the washing machine. I know it seems extreme but this virus is a serious risk to lives so extra caution is recommended.

Some dogs can become carriers and this is heart- breaking for any owner so protect your best buddy and don't forget puss too. Stay safe everyone and don't forget your buddies.

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Will you be visiting New Brighton's new hot pools?

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

Tickets for the first three days of Christchurch's new hot pools sold out in less than 24 hours.

The Christchurch City Council confirmed on Tuesday that the New Brighton hot salt water pools, named He Puna Taimoana, will open on Saturday, the start of Queen's Birthday Weekend.

By Wednesday morning, the website for the hot pools showed all 600 available slots had been booked out for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Tuesday still had plenty of spots available.

Entry to the new pools is allowed only through online bookings, and sessions are limited to 50 people due to Covid-19 restrictions.

* Photo taken in February 2020 while the pools were still under construction.

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Clinical Trial

Virginia Grayling Study Coordinator from Clinical & Pharmaceutical Research Trust

The Clinical and Pharmaceutical Research Trust is conducting a clinical trial to investigate an oral medication.
You may be eligible to participate the study if:
• You are aged 18-75 years
• Able to participate in a study for up to 17 weeks
• You are receiving stable treatment for your diabetes and diabetic kidney disease for the past 3 months
The study will compare the active study drug to placebo (a ‘dummy’ medication). Four person in five will receive the active study drug and one person in five will receive the placebo. This will be decided randomly and participants will not know which of these they receive during the study.

For more information contact Virginia Grayling on phone: 03 364 1371 or email: virginia.grayling@cdhb.health.nz

Protocol CT19649 print advertisement
V1.0, dated 03Feb2020. This study sponsored by SCOHIA PHARMA, Inc.

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We’re open again in Level 2!

Vision Christchurch

Now that we’re back at Level 2 our campuses are open again! Students are able to resume their studies on site this week, and we are able to take walk-in enquiries on campus.
We have contract tracing systems in place as well as social distancing measurements and frequent cleaning for your safety and peace of mind.
Don’t put your future on hold! Pop into one of our campuses today and find out what programmes we have on offer at Vision College.