491 days ago

Unconsented commercial gas filling and distribution depot

Gary from Redwood

The residents of Redwood should be scared and outraged that a Commercial gas bottle filling station and distribution depot has been operating without consent in a residential zone in the middle of our neighborhood. They are storing vast amounts of gas in bottles every day and night within metres of neighboring propertys.If something goes wrong (and they do,referring to the rescent explosion in Northwood) the consequences are catastrophic.

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21 hours ago

Christchurch council votes 11-6 to implement excess water use charge

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

Christchurch residents will be charged for excess water use from July, though no fines will be issued for the first year as people get used to the scheme.

The charge was one of many points discussed by the Christchurch City Council on Monday as it ratified and voted on final amendments to the city's 10-year budget, known formally as the long-term plan.

The council also decided not to decommission Wharenui Pool (though funding past 2022 remains unclear), and voted to give the Arts Centre a $5.5 million grant, keep the Riccarton bus lounge open, and retain the mobile library for now.

Although the council intended to start the excess water use charge next month, Cr Sara Templeton said no fines would be dished out the first year, to allow people to get used to the change.

Read more, including who will be affected by the new charge, here.

1 day ago

Cheap chicken!!!

Sylvia from Kaiapoi

Look what Steve scored two day from New World in KAIAPOI. There was actually five packs but a lady wanted to so he graciously shared that with her we scored three packs chicken was $3.99! Kg!! Expiry is 24 June packed today can’t believe it I guess you have to get there at the time look at this

9 hours ago

Cycleway programme accelerated as mayor accused of trying to stymie debate

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

A last-ditch attempt to delay the completion of Christchurch’s $300 million cycleway programme has failed, with the city council deciding to accelerate it instead.

The council decided on Monday to complete its 101-kilometre network of cycleways by 2028 – one year earlier than proposed in the draft LTP, but still 11 years later than expected when the network was first proposed in 2013.

It also decided to bring forward a cycleway connection from Westmorland to the Nor’West Arc cycleway from 2031 to 2025.

The council also decided to spend $931m over 10 years on roads and footpaths and $96.7m on public transport infrastructure, including bus stops and shelters.

Read more, including the debate held between councillors on the issue, here.