42 days ago

Canterbury DHB offers leftover Covid vaccine to companies near vaccination sites

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

Good morning neighbours,

Workers not in high risk jobs can jump the queue to get a Covid-19 jab if they happen to work near a vaccination site.

The Canterbury District Health Board (DHB) has confirmed it offers the vaccine to local companies located close to vaccination clinics to prevent wastage.

CDHB Covid-19 response manager Ralph La Salle said on rare occasions, clinics had a small number of vaccine doses left at the end of the day that could not be used the next day.

“We believe [offering to local companies] is preferable to vaccine wastage.”

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2 days ago

Do you remember the big snow of 1992?

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

Hey Cantabs,

It was quickly dubbed “the big snow” and was the heaviest snowfall in three decades.

“Christchurch teetered on the brink of disaster yesterday as the worst snowstorm in 30 years first paralysed the city, then caused widespread flooding,” The Press reported on August 29, 1992.

Do you remember the big snow?

6 hours ago

Family-owned brewery born from Christchurch earthquake destruction

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

Alasdair Cassels​ literally built his brewery from rubble.

The Christchurch entrepreneur and principal owner of Cassels Brewery Company was interviewing a chef for a job on February 22, 2011, when the ground and walls began shaking violently.

He, son Zak Cassels​ and son-in-law Joe Shanks​ quickly raced to what was then a small, makeshift brewery at The Tannery site in Woolston. They arrived to see the air clouded with dust, buildings half fallen over and every piece of brewing equipment damaged beyond repair.

Despite losing their homes and having no operational base to run their business from, the family saw the Canterbury earthquakes as an opportunity for growth.

“We licked our wounds for a day or two and then got to work,” Alasdair Cassels said.

Read more of the Cassels story by clicking the link below.

3 days ago

Poll: Do you support the Christchurch council confiscating yellow bins from shoddy recyclers?

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

Hi neighbours,

Hundreds of yellow bins have been confiscated from Christchurch properties as the cost of dumping contaminated recycling approaches $2 million.

The city council is continuing to take a hard line on shoddy recycling practices and has removed 664 bins in the past nine months. These residents had previously been warned three times.

Do you support the confiscating of bins from shoddy recyclers?

Do you support the Christchurch council confiscating yellow bins from shoddy recyclers?
  • 76.4% Yes
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  • 17.5% No
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  • 6.1% I'm undecided
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