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Half the Environment Canterbury council is standing again

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

It will be the first fully democratic Environment Canterbury (ECan) election for 12 years but only one councillor sacked by the National government in 2010 is keen to stand again.

Nominations for candidates for the seven regional constituencies closed on Friday yesterday at midday, with 39 received for the 14 positions at the council table.

Six of the 12 current councillors are standing again, but Rik Tindall is the only member of the regional council dismissed more than nine years ago willing to have another go.

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Matt from Mount Pleasant - Redcliffs

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Specials this week at Opawa vege shop (Shop1-124 Opawa RD) - Thank you for viewing

Yue from Opawa Fruit & Vegetable Shop

NZ Oranges $2.50/kg
1.5kg nz oranges $1.99/bag
Coconut $1.99ea
5pk Avocados $3.69/bag
Medium Size Avocados $0.99/EA
Loose NZ Mandarins $4.99/kg
1.5kg nz Apples(red or green) $1.99/bag
1kg NZ Lemons $2.99/bag
Bagged NZ Lemons $1.99/bag
NZ Braeburn/ NZ Rose/NZ Champion Apple/Envy Apples $2.99/kg
NZ Large Gold Kiwifruits $4.99/kg

Loose NZ Tomatoes $7.99/kg
broccoli $1.29/ea
Red/yellow Capsicums $1.99ea
celery $2.99/bunch
Fancy Lettuce $2.99/bunch
Cabbage $2.99ea
eggplant $2.99ea
500g Brussel sprout$1.50/bag
1kg table carrots $1.50/bag or $1.89/kg
1.5kg onion $1.99/bag
kumara red/orange/purple jumbo $3.99/kg
450gm Chinese garlics $2.50/bag
spinach $2.99/pk
250g green beans $2.99/bag
bagged yams $2.99/bag


5kg Desiree potatoes $3.99/bag

2L Caw&Gate milk $2.99/Bottle
Dole Canned fruit 410gm (fruit Salads / peach/pear) $0.99ea

Thank you

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Colouring isn't just for kids! 🖍

The Team from Neighbourhood Support New Zealand

Mindful colouring has been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety and induce a meditative-like state in adults too.

Help scribble your worries away with this free community-inspired colouring sheet to give your brain a creative boost.