36 days ago

Power company

Jo from St Albans

Does anyone know if energyclubnz is a light company or a scam?

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1 day ago

Any suggestions please

Janelle from Riccarton

While my partner and I were away in nelson a Tom cat entered our house and sprayed everything in our lounge is there any ideas on how to get rid of the smell and how to get it out of the carpet couch etc

3 days ago

Christchurch is New Zealand's second city, deal with it

Anna Williams Reporter from The Press

There's an enduring belief that Wellington is our second-largest city. We must dispel that myth, reporter Charlie Mitchell says.
Do you think Christchurch should officially be named as New Zealand's second city or should Wellington retain its title?

3 hours ago

How could 5G affect me and my family? (Free)

Heidi from Strowan

Free informative and educational talk from Andrew Lewis (author) on 5G based on current scientific research from around the world.