54 days ago

Au Pair or Border

Nic from Ilam

Hi all, would appreciate some advice/suggestions....
As a recent sole parent to a 10yo daughter, I have to make some arrangements to help me get through 2020 and beyond. The biggest issue is around after school / after hours care, including when I am away for work (once a week either a day trip or an overnight trip)....

I have a room with an en-suite that is furnished and available. So the question is Au Pair or Border.... I could get $150-$180 per week if i get a border which I can then use to pay for baby sitting... or I can use room for a Au Pair (which would be great but I would cost me more)...

Anyone with some advice, particularly experiences with either Au Pair - costs, expectations, good companies or with Borders....

or if a third option that I have not thought of...!!

Thanks and much appreciated...

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Bus patronage decreasing as Environment Canterbury moots 9.8 per cent rates rise

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

Canterbury authorities have dropped their goal of 20 million annual bus trips by 2020 as public transport use declines in Christchurch.

The service, run by regional council Environment Canterbury (ECan), is to be overhauled in a plan that will contribute to a planned 9.8 per cent rates increase – almost double what was previously forecast.

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Water restrictions for Christchurch to protect firefighting supplies

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Water restrictions have been introduced in Christchurch to ensure there are enough supplies to fight fires.

The ban, the lowest of four levels, means water cannot be used outside between 3pm and 9pm, with use of hoses, sprinklers and garden irrigation systems allowed only on alternate days.

People living at odd-numbered addresses should water gardens on odd dates, even-numbered houses on even dates.

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Why we're putting quality first...

Cooper's Pet Kitchen

Hi neighbours! At Cooper's Pet Kitchen our food is free of cheap fillers like grains, corn, soy & wheat... but what does that really mean?

It means there’s more protein-packed nutrition in every bite. We’re big believers in quality over quantity so while our food may be a little more expensive than some, its nutrient density makes for smaller portions with more readily absorbable nutrients.

Get more bang for your dog’s bite with 50% OFF your first order with code NEIGHBOURLY.

This also means a decrease in what comes out the other end... less 'picking up' what they’re 'putting down' at the dog park if you catch our drift.
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