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Ōtukaikino Memorial Service 2019

Manager from Lamb & Hayward

Sunday 24 February 2019 at 2.00pm
At the Ōtukaikino Reserve, Main North Road, Belfast, Christchurch

As friends of Lamb & Hayward the Ōtukaikino Reserve belongs to you. Situated in the north of Christchurch, by Chaney’s Corner, ‘The Living Memorial’ is a safe haven for wildlife, birds and native plantings, and a sanctuary for us; it’s nature’s reminder that life continues.

You are welcome to bring your family and friends to this year’s service as we remember our loved ones at Ōtukaikino.

Our annual ceremony is unique in that it is conducted outdoors and will be held rain or shine. There is shelter provided, but please come prepared, you may need warm clothing, an umbrella or a sunhat.

At Ōtukaikino we are holding hands with Mother Nature, the weather is out of our control.

If the weather makes the holding of this event unsafe at Ōtukaikino, it will be relocated to our Westpark Chapel at 467 Wairakei Road; this will be advised on our Facebook page, Newstalk ZB and The Breeze community notices.

Note: Please wear sturdy footwear

Car Parking
There are significant road works underway in the vicinity of Ōtukaikino. Please allow time to park in the area provided beside the event location. Lamb & Hayward staff will be on site to direct you.

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17 hours ago

Razor blades in the walls....

Kylie Klein Nixon Reporter from Homed

Has anyone ever seen something like the image below in an older Kiwi home? Does anyone remember them from their childhood? These strange slots allowed you to rid yourself of an old razor and never think of it again...but it also meant, years down the track, that someone renovating would be in for a nasty, rusty surprise.
I'm certain I've seen something like this here in Aotearoa-NZ, but can't for the life of me recall where. It was in the back of the medicine cupboard. Let us know if you've seen, had - or have - one in your home.

1 day ago

Poll: Covid-19: Should scanning be mandatory at pubs, clubs, restaurants, etc?

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

A leading coronavirus expert is calling on the Government to make scanning at potential “super-spreader” venues, such as bars and nightclubs, mandatory amid continued low use of the Covid-19 Tracer app.

Epidemiologist Dr Michael Baker said the next six months would be a “very dangerous” time for the country with a high risk of an outbreak while waiting for the vaccine roll-out in April.

Do you think scanning should be mandatory at pubs, nightclubs, etc?

Covid-19: Should scanning be mandatory at pubs, clubs, restaurants, etc?
  • 89.2% Yes
    89.2% Complete
  • 8.5% No
    8.5% Complete
  • 2.3% I'm undecided
    2.3% Complete
733 votes
16 hours ago

Poll: Covid-19: Do you scan a QR code or sign a sheet when entering a business?

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

Happy Tuesday neighbours,

Many people have come forward saying their phone can't scan a QR code and many businesses have gotten rid of sign in sheets, leaving them confused with what they're supposed to do when they enter a business.

Are you one of these people? I'd love to hear from you, please email me at jake.kenny@stuff.co.nz

If you have been to a business that has no QR codes OR sign-in sheet, please also let me know via email or in the comments.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Covid-19: Do you scan a QR code or sign a sheet when entering a business?
  • 69.5% I scan the QR codes
    69.5% Complete
  • 20.3% I write my name on a sign-in sheet (if there is one)
    20.3% Complete
  • 10.2% I do neither
    10.2% Complete
236 votes