120 days ago

So… We’ve done it again!

Acacia Cove Village

On 5 August our Village Manager, Bruce Cullington, hosted a celebration-lunch for all our residents over 90.

Our latest nonagenarian’s population has grown, and it was amazing to see how well they are all doing. Our lovely guests were spoilt with gifts from Acacia Cove and the Residents’ Committee.

It was an afternoon filled with laughter, reminisces and a lovely two course meal.

As you probably know, the latest addition to our lovely Village, five brand new apartments, were completed last month.

However, here at Acacia Cove we like to keep thinks interesting, so we decided to build two new Villas.

Construction on these started recently, and if all goes well, it should be completed before the end of the year.
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14 hours ago

Auckland bus strike: What you need to know

Caroline Williams Reporter from Auckland Stuff

More than 70,000 daily bus trips could be affected by a suspension dealt to hundreds of NZ Bus drivers across Auckland. The suspension comes after tensions between NZ Bus and union members as they tried to settle on a new collective agreement regarding pay and work hours. Union members had been declining bus fares from passengers, and planned to do so until Christmas before the suspension began. Now drivers will go without pay until Christmas Eve.
NZ Bus' biggest area is central Auckland, all of the Link services, and those serving the main isthmus arterials to eastern suburbs and along Mt Eden, Dominion and Sandringham Roads, as well as some to the outer west and northwest, and on the North Shore.
How has the bus driver suspension affected you? Let us know in the comments.

12 hours ago

Henna eyebrows

Jane from Papakura

Hi does anyone know of anyone who does henna eyebrows plz

4 days ago

Hazy weekend for New Zealand.. again

Caroline Williams Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hazy skies caused by the tragic Australian bush fires are set to linger this weekend.
Northwesterly winds have blown a hazy plume of smoke across the Tasman Sea, and while it has mostly affected the South Island in recent weeks, it has moved up the country.
The "robust plume" is expected to head to the South Island late on Saturday.
The haze has been causing a yellowish-orange, hue at sunset, making for some sweet sunset photos. Share your photos in the comments!
(Our photo is of the sun setting over the Waitākere Ranges, taken by visual journalist Ricky Wilson.)