364 days ago

Seniors Newsletter

The Team from Office for Seniors

Have you read our December Seniors Newsletter? Do you have a Community Services Card or know someone who does? From 1 February 2023 Community Services Card holders are eligible for a continued 50% discount on public transport. You can read more in this issue.

This newsletter also includes some good advice on how to keep up your hydration and stay safe and cool this summer.

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2 days ago

Poll: Are Crocs the ugliest shoe?

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Crocs are a controversial shoe choice across New Zealand with some schools banning them. It's fair to say you either love them or hate them, so which is it? Share if you're a croc-wearer, and vote how you're feeling about their iconic look.

Type 'Not For Print' if you wish your comments to be excluded from the We Say You Say column of your local paper.

Are Crocs the ugliest shoe?
  • 56.9% Yes, they are very unattractive
    56.9% Complete
  • 15.9% No, they don't look bad
    15.9% Complete
  • 6.7% I think they look great
    6.7% Complete
  • 20.5% They do so much more than look pretty
    20.5% Complete
2111 votes
3 hours ago

The Gift of Better Hearing

Triton Hearing

At Triton Hearing, we are dedicated to bringing the joy of better hearing to all New Zealanders. So this year, we’d like to give you the Gift of Better Hearing, to help you reconnect with the world and the people you love.

Simply get in touch to enjoy your gift of a complimentary upgrade valued at $2,000, to enjoy even better hearing* when you purchase a new pair of hearing devices from Triton Hearing.
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6 hours ago

Part of a vacuum cleaner

Maira from Mission Bay

Good night Neighbors, anyone. Will this same vacuum cleaner be in poor condition, but does the tube work? Looking for that part first, before throwing it away 😊