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Auckland’s Pop-up Book Fair is BACK!

Service Centre Coordinator from Red Cross Auckland

New Zealand Red Cross and the students of Rangitoto College are proudly hosting this year’s Pop-Up Book Fair!

Join us at the Rangitoto Centre (564 East Coast Rd, Mairangi Bay) on:

Saturday 10 September – 9am to 5pm
Sunday 11 September– 10am to 3:30pm

Entrance is free, and books are at bargain prices!

Get early access to the best books on Saturday at 8am with a Gold Coin donation!

All funds raised help support the valuable work New Zealand Red Cross does, both here in Aotearoa and abroad.

For further information, please get in touch Getfundraising@redcross.org.nz

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Stuff Live from Paris


Kia ora,
Just shy of 200 Kiwi athletes are converging on Paris to contest 329 gold medals across 32 sports. The best part? We're bringing the action straight to your inbox. Each day, you can follow along and back Team NZ as we deliver all the highlights, talking points, medal tally, and analysis.

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Everil Orr Living - a place for safety, comfort, companionship and cuisine!

Everil Orr Village

Making the choice on a move into full-time managed care for yourself or your loved one can be tricky when you're not sure what to expect. At Everil Orr Living, we want to help you go from your home now, to your home with our community, with no surprises.

Our General Manager for Care, Helen Saberton has recently spilled the beans on what it is like living in managed care at Everil Orr.

If that doesn't answer all your burning questions, come down for a tea and a chat at our facilities in the heart of Mt Albert.

Our next open day on 30 July 2024 will feature guided tours of suites, apartments and amenities, and a peak into what our caring community gets up to on the day-to-day! Or just book a time that suits you! Call us at 0800-383-745 and visit our website.
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Happy Friday, neighbours, here's a riddle to round out your week!

Riddler from The Neighbourly Riddler

I am an odd number. Take away a letter and I become even. What number am I?

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