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Lead contamination forces recall of sugar products

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Six sugar products have been recalled by major manufacturers due to lead contamination.

Raw and brown sugar products by Chelsea, Pams and Woolworths are affected, and have been sold at retail outlets and supermarkets throughout New Zealand through October to November 4 2021.

In a statement, MPI said that that the food safety risk from these products is low, and informed customers who have bought these products to not consume them.

Here's what you need to know:

- Chelsea brand Raw Sugar (500g, 1.2kg, and 4kg)
- Chelsea brand Soft Brown Sugar (500g and 1kg)
- Pams brand Raw Sugar (1kg)
- Pams brand Soft Brown Sugar (1kg)
- Woolworths brand Raw Sugar (500g and 1kg)
- Woolworths brand Brown Sugar (500g and 1kg)

- Chelsea brand Raw Sugar (500g, 1.2kg, and 4kg): Lot 21271 through to Lot 21303
- Chelsea brand Soft Brown Sugar (500g and 1kg): Lot 21280 through to Lot 21293
- Pams brand Raw Sugar (1kg): Lot 21270 through to Lot 21302
- Pams brand Soft Brown Sugar (1kg): Lot 21272 through to Lot 21303
- Woolworths brand Raw Sugar (500g, and 1kg): Lot 21274 through to Lot 21281
- Woolworths brand Brown Sugar (500g, and 1kg): Lot 21278 through to Lot 21303

The recall does not affect any other Chelsea brands of sugar or any other products manufactured by these companies.

Customers are encouraged to get in touch with their retailer to get a full refund.

To find out more about this recall, please visit the New Zealand Food Safety Website.

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Main Home Exemptions

Weston & Associates Ltd Chartered Accountants

Hi again

Exemption for your main home under the bright line tax is full of fish hooks .
One example is:
Often clients assume because they are “now living in it” their home (previously rented) is exempt.

When using Trusts the main home exemption rules can be blurred. It is very important you check with your Tax Advisor so that settlement on sale or purchase happens correctly. Done incorrectly there are significant taxation liabilities.

If you would like some independent advice or need an Accountant please call us.

Phone: 095280069