72 days ago

Why do I need a new will?​

Public Trust

If you haven’t updated your will in a long time, it’s important to create a new one. ​

Having a will gives your family peace of mind during the grieving process. When your wishes are clearly outlined in a legal document, it gives everyone the clarity they need, and ensures nothing is overlooked or forgotten. ​

It’s easy to get everything in order and up to date by asking yourself a few key questions..
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8 days ago

Just moved, have no Lemon or Feijoa trees

Aj from Remuera

Does anyone have any lemons/feijoas when in season that I could collect rather than them just rotting on the ground? ???

2 hours ago

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Property Sale or Purchase?

Weston & Associates Ltd Chartered Accountants

Housing is one of our biggest assets so it is essential to get the best advice, not only from your Lawyer but also an expert Accountant.

We often have clients come to us and say "I wish I had known..." or "Gosh, why didn't I think of that..." when completing the sale or purchase of their rental property and unfortunately sometimes it is already too late.

We are a friendly, professional team of local Chartered Accountants who are easy to talk to... We won't blind you with science or charge an arm and a leg...

Call us today on ... 095280069 Don't get caught out by unexpected tax bills, talk to us today.

We are your local Chartered Accountants, easy to talk to and we care about you getting it right first time.

Phone: 09528 0069 to book an appointment to discuss.