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Poll: How do you feel about John Key’s comments on the Covid-19 response?

Ripu Bhatia Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi neighbours,

Sir John Key’s recent media blitz was full of suggestions for how the Covid-19 response could have been done better. Some have been found to be false (such as his claim we could have paid Pfizer for preferential supply), and some seem to have lit a fire under the Government to get things moving (such as the suggestion of home quarantining).

How do you feel about Key’s contribution?

How do you feel about John Key’s comments on the Covid-19 response?
  • 29.7% It was constructive and I support his points
    29.7% Complete
  • 15.1% It lit a fire under the Government and extracted much needed clarity
    15.1% Complete
  • 18% It was armchair commentary and he didn’t know what he was talking about
    18% Complete
  • 37.2% It was a struggling National’s attempt to regain some popularity
    37.2% Complete
1289 votes
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Auckland Council supports City Mission’s Auckland Angels appeal

The Team from Auckland Council

We are throwing our support behind Auckland City Mission’s ‘Auckland Angels’ appeal, helping to ensure Aucklanders in greatest need can celebrate Christmas after a particularly tough year.

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