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Watch Stuff Circuit’s new documentary, Emma

The Team Reporter from Stuff

At two weeks old, Emma was left at an orphanage in Russia. After three years, Emma was adopted by a New Zealand family and brought here for a new life - but that didn’t work out how it was supposed to. Emma was diagnosed with foetal alcohol syndrome and reactive attachment disorder. Parenting her became a nightmare, and it ended in tragedy.

Emma has faced more challenges and rejections than most people could cope with. And now, she wants to take on the biggest challenge of her life - finding answers to those most fundamental questions: who am I? Where did I come from?
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1 day ago

Loud bangs

Nick from Nick The Builder

Anyone know what that loud banging noise is? Sounds like fireworks?

20 hours ago

Free - pick up today please

Nathalie from St Heliers

Pick up is in St Heliers, today.
Please write your name in the comments below (+ items you want) and send me a message with your phone number.
Cheers, Nathalie