73 days ago

Poll: Do you think changing the Auckland alert level is needed?

Melanie Earley Reporter from Auckland Stuff

New Zealand is currently at level 1 however as a new community case was confirmed on November 12 with potential of wider spread, Aucklanders await news of whether there will be a level change.

Do you think changing the Auckland alert level is needed?
  • 4.7% Yes, a complete lockdown is best
    4.7% Complete
  • 18.8% Yes, an alert level between 2-3 is needed
    18.8% Complete
  • 67.2% No, stay at level 1
    67.2% Complete
  • 9.4% Remove all alert level restrictions
    9.4% Complete
981 votes
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14 hours ago

Minilop cross babies

Joanna from Saint Johns

Six baby bunnies available for adoption on February 12th.
Can be put on hold
Pic one Luna female on hold
Pic two button female on hold
Pic Three Timothy male
Pic four Lulu female
Pic five otter female
Pic six pumpkin female
Mother Netherland dwarf
Father Mini lopp
Text or call 02108191210 or email CutiePieCuddles13@gmail.com you won’t get a reply from the box below as not correct email Thanks

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Free - pick up today please

Nathalie from St Heliers

Pick up is in St Heliers, today.
Please write your name in the comments below (+ items you want) and send me a message with your phone number.
Cheers, Nathalie

7 hours ago

Don’t miss your collection day

The Team from Auckland Council

Waitangi Day is just around the corner. Please remember all council kerbside collections be collected one day later than normal. Find out more