72 days ago

Happy Diwali to New Zealand!

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Diwali has different meanings worldwide depending where you live but primarily it celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Whether you are celebrating at home by lighting lamps & eating treats, or you are going to a nearby festival, we'd love to hear about your Diwali celebrations. Feel free to share your photos and best wishes to your community below.

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4 minutes ago

Buying a house to Rent?

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Or maybe helping your children buy their first home?

It should be part of your plan to run it by an Accountant so that it is
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1 day ago

Loud bangs

Nick from Nick The Builder

Anyone know what that loud banging noise is? Sounds like fireworks?

20 hours ago

Free - pick up today please

Nathalie from St Heliers

Pick up is in St Heliers, today.
Please write your name in the comments below (+ items you want) and send me a message with your phone number.
Cheers, Nathalie