25 days ago

E-Waste recondition program for community/youth groups and schools.

Tyson from WisperTECH

Hi all,

I am starting up an E-waste reconditioning service where I collect equipment from companies and home users, test it all, build as many working computers out of it, and provide them to community and youth groups and schools.

Even if you just have anything that is broken, I can take it and recycle it through proper places. There is generally something that can be salvaged and put together with other parts.

I am in contact with a couple of people (one building computers for kids down the bottom of the South Island, and another one that used to do it in Wellington) that are willing to link up and get something going nationwide.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in helping with, or you know of companies that have old computers and other computer/networking devices that may be willing to give them to a good cause, please come back to me.

Kind regards,


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Rare white and yellow pōhutukawa trees

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Hi neighbours. Our beautiful red pōhutukawa trees (or New Zealand's Christmas trees) are just about in full bloom.
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Favourite summer holiday spots

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Hi everyone,
We'd be keen to hear about your favourite summer holiday spots in NZ. Is there somewhere you keep returning to year after year and, if so, what are the main attractions? What makes it such a stand-out spot? Any tips you may be able to offer on the best things to see and do there - as well as the best places to grab a drink or bite to eat - would be much appreciated. Please put 'NFP' (not for publication) in your comment if you don't want it to appear in a travel article. Thanks again.