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Throwback Friday

Caryn Wilkinson Reporter from Community News

Hi neighbours, can you work out who this is?

I'll give you a hint- it was 1983.

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Reflexology for woman

Owner from Balance for Life


Foot Reflexology works on the energy path ways (meridians) through the body. Certain areas on the foot correspond to and are actual end or starting points of meridians which have a close relationship to specific organs. This principle is used in the Kinesiology balances as well as in the traditional Chinese medicine. Pressure applied to specific areas on the foot will aid to an evaluation and reduction of energy blockages. Foot reflexology can help with chronic and acute pain, with emotional and physical problems. Regular reflexology treatments enhance overall well-being

Your 45 min foot reflexology massage will include a flower essence and a guided meditation/visualization to balance any issue of the mind and soul as well. A kinesiology muscle test will lead to the best Bach flower essence for you at that moment in time. Your foot reflexology session can be an entirely relaxing 45 minutes, dozing off into a blissful nap or a reflexology healing experience with a guided meditation suiting your specific goals and issues established at the beginning of the session.


Reflexology for woman!

Woman can suffer from many conditions that are related to their hormones and perceived stress and if this system is out of balance and not functioning well it can create a domino effect throughout the body.

70% of all woman suffer from some form of PMS( Premenstrual syndrome) the reason is an imbalance of hormones; too much oestregene and inadequate levels of progesteron.

PMS affects woman about 1 to 2 weeks before menstruation, when hormone levels are changing. There are many symptom, including muscle cramps, anxiety, mood swings, headaches, clumsiness, backache, depression, insomnia, breast tenderness, constipation and water retention.

The key in "reflexology for woman" is to focus on the body's hormonal and nervous systems and influence them to regain balance. Nutrition, exercise and mindfulness will support that healthy development.

In a reflexology session I will target specific reflex areas/points to help harmonize the female hormonal system:

Pituitary gland, Thyroid, Pancreas, Adrenals, Ovaries and entire spine. ...and whilst you are being treated experience a wonderful specifically woman related and harmonizing guided mediation :-)

There are specific reflex points and areas in the foot for other woman related issues like Endometriosis, Fibroids and Menopause which also can be addressed with Foot-reflexology.

20 minutes ago

How much control does your boss have over your life?

Kelly Dennett Reporter from Sunday Star Times

The Sunday Star-Times is investigating the increasing creep of control your boss might have over you life outside work. This might include having to send photos of your remote working space (or having it personally checked off), having to abide by a social media policy, not being able to express political views in social settings, or not being able to have a secondary income. Does this sound familiar? Have you got a story to tell? Email kelly.dennett@stuff.co.nz

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Seed Sharing for Neighbours Day!

The Team from Neighbours Day Aotearoa

We love how creative some people are with their plant giving! This is for goodie bags for a 7 year olds party but we reckon you could borrow this wonderful idea for the Neighbours Day Aotearoa Great Plant Swap!
What a lovely gift to get and it's not just kids who love sunflowers.

ADDED BONUS: if you give your neighbours sunflower seeds you would get to enjoy their beautiful flowers too!

Have you signed up for Neighbours Day 2021 yet? There's lots of ways you can join in...check out our website to register today: