52 days ago

Cambridge: The Kiwi town that could become the next big thing

Trupti Biradar Reporter from Stuff Travel

Cambridge is so much more than just a town you drive through. Click the link below for a few reasons to consider sticking around a bit. #backyourbackyard

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4 minutes ago

NZ's largest fun run... incoming!

The Team from Round the Bays

Kia ora neighbours 👋🏼 The team behind Ports of Auckland Round the Bays is super excited to share with you that we are back for another year, taking over Auckland's waterfront, Sunday 28 February 2021!

We're all about bringing people from different communities and workplaces and abilities together - just like Neighbourly. So we'd love to see some of our neighbours out on the start line! Our most affordable entry price, a Supersaver came on sale today and you can lock in yours here: www.roundthebays.co.nz...

Who's ready!?

8 minutes ago

Do you have a special lake or body of water?

Eve from Eve Rudkin Mindfulness

Bringing a special a lake or a body of water to mind can be a helpful metaphor of the mind and a path to reducing stress.

Why? A lake is exposed to external weather forces which cause surface choppiness. At the same time, it is also contained by the land, and in the deep water the surface turbulence is felt only as gentle undulations.

Likewise, we have the capacity to observe the storms in our minds and the tumultuous external world from a position of stillness where peace can be found – that is what the practice of mindfulness is about. Maybe you can bring to mind a lake or a body of water that can offer you this? What is your special place? Orakei Basin has a special place in my heart.

3 days ago

Crises bring swift decisions - why can't we always be that swift?

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, Auckland's raft of crises in 2020 has resulted in some clever and quick responses. So why can't our decision-makers always be so nimble? Read the story below: