226 days ago

Poll: Do you do this while driving?

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

We've got a question for you. Tell us truthfully what your tendencies are when it comes to using your mobile phone while driving. Don't worry we won't tell anyone; we're just trying to find out how widespread mobile usage is while driving. Voting on the poll below is completely anonymous.

Do you do this while driving?
  • 8.3% I use my mobile while I'm driving
    8.3% Complete
  • 16.9% I use my mobile when stopped at a traffic light
    16.9% Complete
  • 31.9% I don't touch my phone while driving
    31.9% Complete
  • 39.9% I pull over when I need to use my mobile
    39.9% Complete
  • 3% I don't drive
    3% Complete
3986 votes
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1 hour ago

Does Auckland need a ban on begging?

Georgia Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

Is begging an issue in your Auckland community? Rough sleeping and begging within five metres of retail buildings in Tauranga has been banned after a controversial bylaw was passed. But it's got people wondering - could it work in Auckland too? To read more about this, click here.

Do you think a ban would make a difference here or is it a terrible idea? What other options could be looked into? Are you a business owner or customer with thoughts on the topic? Share your views and suggestions with us in the replies below!
(Please add "NFP/not for print" if you do not want your images/ comments used on Stuff)

8 days ago

Garage Sale! Donate and come along.

Jess from Meadowbank

Hi neighbours!
St Chads Community Centre is currently fundraising for a new community van to be used by our elderly and young people (and also other groups who are part of our St Chads community).
Just putting the word out that if you have any good condition items you would like to donate we would be more than grateful for them. We can also pick up large items or furniture if needed.
Please come along and check out our Garage Sale on the 25th of November, there will be all sorts available including delicious home baking! Eftpos and cash both available.
Contact me (Jess) at youth@stchads.org.nz or ring or office 095215013 for more information or to arrange a pickup!

2 hours ago

Cat run down

Sally from Mission Bay

Hi neighbours. Last night our precious cat was killed by a speeding car on Gowing drive. The way people fly down our part of the road has always concerned me and I have almost been taken out a number of times trying to come out my driveway because of the speed people choose to drive on the corner coming down the hill. We are absolutely beyond devastated to lose our fur baby and while I know that cats get killed by cars all the time, I imagine by her injuries and position on the road that the car that hit her was clearly speeding. It was heartbreaking that whoever hit her also did nothing- just left her in the middle of the road :( Can I ask our neighbours and those who use Gowing drive specifically as their own race track, to be more mindful of the impact your driving can have on others. I had got our beautiful wee cat to help me grieve the loss of my best friend to suicide four months ago, so it is particularly heartbreaking for us.