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We Say/You Say: Outdoor spaces

Thomas Campbell Reporter from Upper Hutt Leader

Hi Upper Hutt,

What would you like to see in your local council's outdoor space policy?

More concerts, festivals and markets are on the cards for Wellington City if a new plan is approved by council.

The council is reviewing its policies for trading and events in public spaces, making some areas more accessible while placing heavier regulations in others.

26 parks, reserves and carparks are being explored to allow commercial trading, street vendors, tourist activities and recreational equipment to operate.

Commercial activities that might degrade public land, like commercial tours and fitness classes may be charged a licensing fee to cover administration, repairs and maintenance.

A limit on dog walkers and a reduction of footpath signage would be a part of the council's plan to scrap two pieces of existing policy.

Would you support the changes if your local council implemented them? Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to type NFP if you don't want your comments featured in the Upper Hutt Leader.

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2 hours ago

Free Christmas fun at Heard Park.

Ali from Parnell

The Bauble is Back Baby!
I love the ever changing Heard Park installations so I was happy to see that the Christmas bauble is back this year.
We could all use some Christmas cheer, and it looks like the bauble is set to deliver with some nifty new features!
The lights have been switched up to keep it fresh and the best part is the interactive technology.
My 9 year old loves the rainbow rope lights and has been having a blast with the other kids, making the lights change colour by waving jumping and dancing around.
With the weather being so nice and endless local food spots, grab a bite and head to Heard Park with the family or friends and enjoy the free festive vibe!
Take some beautiful photos or grab a quick selfie. As always twilight is my fav time to get the best shot.

We just need that Hot chocolate food truck back!!

3 hours ago


Carina from Remuera

Hi anyone have lemon for give away? thank you

3 hours ago

Wanted - about 1 or 2 metres of number 8 wire

Steve from Meadowbank

Don't want to buy a huge roll. Anyone have any ideas? Cheers