47 days ago

Simon O'Connor

Sara from Panmure

Ahiahi marie neighbours

I meet Simon O'Connor today at my daughter's school fun run. I approached him to talk about his post celebrating taking away woman's reproductive rights in USA.

Simon was clear that it didn't matter what any of his constituents said that he was never going to change his mind.

In his mind there is no exceptions - I asked him if my 10year daughter was raped tonight and became pregnant would he like to be able to make her give birth- yes was his answer.

It's not my job to tell my neighbours what to think I just thought I'd share what happened.

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1 day ago

Pakuranga Road Speed Bump

Billy Neighbourly Lead from Sunnyhills

Public Meeting: Auckland Transport proposal to install a speed bump on Pakuranga Road

Later this month Simeon Brown MP will be hosting a public meeting to discuss Auckland Transports (AT) proposal to install a speed bump on Pakuranga Road, near the Johns Lane intersection, at a cost of $450,000.

Installing a raised crossing on one of the busiest non-State Highways in the country makes no sense at all, and would be like putting a speed bump on the motorway - it will only serve to slow traffic down significantly and increase congestion without providing any real benefit to the area.

There are signalised crossings just down the road in either direction, and while road safety is important, a speed bump crossing on one of the busiest arterial routes in the country is not a solution. There has been strong community opposition against this proposal, and we made that known through our petition and the many submissions made to Auckland Transport during the consultation period.

AT have been invited to come along and hear the community's views on this issue. The details for the meeting are as follows:

When: Monday 29 August at 7:00pm

Where: Farm Cove Intermediate School Hall, 16 Butley Drive, Pakuranga, Auckland

If you'd like to share your views on this proposal and hear from AT their reasoning, please come along.

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What's On: Dance Yourself Happy

Mari from Cockle Bay

Uninstructed drop-in dance hour with electronica & hits from 80s, 90s, 00s & beyond. FREE ENTRY! facebook.com/DanceYourselfHappy
Dance Yourself Happy
  • The Lounge